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1988 What in the World Will I Be

1989 Turn Your Radio On

1990 Jesus A Friend for All Seasons

1991 Armor of God

1991 Summer Tour

1992 Summer Tour

1992 50th Anniversary Alumni Concert

1993 Summer Tour

1994 Summer Tour

1993 The Perfect 10

1994 What Should We Think About

1996 Goin' for the Gold

1997 Kids Spreading JOY

1998 Bein' A Believer

1999 Growin' Roots Bearin' Fruits

Boys and Girls for Jesus on the Kazoo with Uncle Charlie and Terre

Children’s Bible Hour Summer Tour 1995 with Uncle Charlie

Prayer closet - Children's Bible Hour "Uncle Charlie"

Stones of Remembrance 70th Anniversary Celebration for CBH Ministries

Uncle Charlie And Memories of CBH

Uncle Charlie and Monkey

Uncle Charlie on Keys for Kids Ministries

Uncle Charlie Rally "Children's Bible Hour LIVE - 2010"

Uncle Charlie Rally "Children's Bible Hour LIVE - 2006"

Uncle Charlie Reading the Red Boat (Seasons of Faith Picture Book)

Uncle Charlie' VanderMeer from 'Children's Bible Hour' dies

Uncle Charlie's Celebration of Life Service

Uncle Charlie VanderMeer Memorial Video

Uncle Charlies Memories – Facebook Videos